The last Lincoln Town Car is set to roll off the assembly line for the final time this month.  Its replacement….The Lincoln MKT Town Car.  Livery and limousine versions of Lincoln’s new full-size people hauler are ready to fill their cargo holds with Samsonites and Halliburtons as they transport anyone from the prom queen to company executives.  The MKT Town Car will feature a higher ride height for easier ingress and egress, and, in livery models, the second row is moved back 1.5 inches (the third row disappears altogether).  A USB port and 110-volt outlet are available to passengers for juicing up mobile devices, which may come in handy if they spend a lot of time using the MKT Town Car’s Wi-Fi system. The audio can also be controlled from the rear seat giving the passengers the ability to listen to whatever it is they desire.  The new MKT Town Car models will begin rolling off the line of the Oakville assembly plant in Ontario, Canada, next spring and more details will emerge before then.  It’ll surely be a strange sight when this new & redesigned Town Car pulls up to chauffer you to your destination, but as we say goodbye to the Town Car sedan, something just feels right about the fact that a newer, fresher Town Car will be there for our clients.